Briquette Machine
Briquette Machines are the fast processing machineries that are used to make biomass fuels in large quantities. They are available in various different designs and sizes that are available at reasonable cost.
Pellet Machine
Pellet Machine are used to make organic matters that are made from compacting the sawdust into different sized chunks that can be used as bio fuels, and due to their organic nature can also be used as animal feed
Chipper Grinder
Agri waste Chipper are the high speed machines that are used for the size degradation of waste generated from the agricultural waste. Buy from us these set of machines as per your requirements at low cost.
Rotary Drum Dryer
Rotary Drum Dryer are the industrial drying machines that are capable to remove the moisture more than 50 percent inside a raw substance. They are available in different variants having a working capacity of 2000 to 5000 kilograms per hour.
Vibrating Machine
Vibrating Machines are medium sized industrial devices that are used to separate the unwanted particles as per their sizes from the stock of good quality products. They are provided with electrical motors having different power rating as per their models in between 1 HP to 2HP.
Flash Dryers
Flash Dryers are the high temperatures tower like structures that are used for removing the water content present inside the powdered substances like saw dust, wooden pulps and other various other materials.
Hammer Mill Grinder
Hammer Mill Grinder are the heavy machineries that are used to break down a large material body into small pieces by the high impact forces of rigid hammers mounted on the rotor which rotates with the help of an electric motor.
Saw Dust Making Machine
Saw Dust Making Machines are the industrial grinders that are provided with a heavy duty blades that are capable of grounding the large pieces of wooden logs into a fine powdered form.

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